A new study named Seattle a top city for sellers to get the greatest return on investment. For those who may be leaving the Seattle area, they're very likely to see huge gains for their homes.

According to GeekWire, a new analysis by Zillow found that sellers across the West can see these huge returns. The report shows "Oakland and Portland lead the way, followed by San Jose, Calif., Denver, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Calif., and Seattle."

Seattle sellers, the report continues, gain an average of 53.1 percent, or $185,000, on a 2016 sale for a home after living there for an average of about nine years. Buying a home is one of the best ways for you to build your wealth for you and your family, especially in our local area. While it is a huge financial decision, the pay off is worth it.

GeekWire continues to explain that "ROI potential doesn't appear to be slowing, especially in Seattle where home values rose 15.5 percent year over year. That figure makes the city the fastest growing on Zillow's top 10 list."

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