If you follow Amazon, you may have already heard they backed out of building their headquarters in Long Island, NY. With Amazon currently in contract and their earnest money deposited for the lot where Bellevue Corporate Plaza stands (600 Bellevue), plus their plans to sign leases with two of the Vulcan developments, we are eager to see the influx of Amazon employees flood downtown Bellevue.

By 2020 Amazon has plans to have 4,500 employees here in Bellevue. According to the Business Journal, it is estimated that Amazon will have 3.9 million square feet of office space if it moves forward with the expected space. This would create room that could bring 25,000 Amazon employees to the city. 

Currently, most likely T-Mobile is the biggest employer in Bellevue with 6,200 employees counted back in November and they have not disclosed how many more will be coming when the company plans to take over Sprint. If Amazon does even half of what they are expected to bring to Bellevue, surely they will be the largest employer in the city.